Do you comp the bachelorette or birthday girl?  As matter of fact we do, for parties of 4 or more.  Please have the birthday girl present her ID at the door to verify her big day and be sure to point out that special girl who’s getting married, they will be our guests.

Is the show always at Dusk inside Caesars Atlantic City?

Some shows have a “bait and switch” marketing plan.  You think you are buying a show at a casino and then you find out last minute that the venue has changed to an unexpected non-casino venue in the city somewhere. In fact, some shows aren’t even real, they have fake websites and utilize fake google reviews and fake yelp reviews to trick you. We take pride in our show, so we urge you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK LADIES! We know that you are often celebrating a special occasion and we want you to have a perfect evening without dealing with anything unexpected!  Yes, the show is always at Dusk, located inside Caesars Atlantic City. There are no tricks with us..only ABS!!


What are the times of the show?  Doors open at 8pm.  The guys put their abs away at 1030.


Where can I purchase tickets? You can pre-purchase tickets on our website, the Buy Tickets link is on our menu and throughout the site! You can also buy tickets at the door but you run the risk of the show being sold out or a small uptick in price due to availability.


Where can we eat before the show?  Buddakhan, The Continental, Philips Seafood and Souza sushi are all just steps away from the show.


How much does it cost? Tickets are $25 on Friday and $40 on Saturday. Everyone is guaranteed a seat for these prices. There are no hidden charges at the door.


Where can we stay?  We are under the same roof as Caesars, Bally’s and The Claridge.  You should check all 3 out for a price that suits you.


Can we pay at the door?  You can pay at the door, but as mentioned earlier you always run the risk of a sold out show or a small uptick in price so we recommend buying on our site.


Can we stay in the club after the show for free?  Of course you can.  You can even leave and come back whenever you want without paying cover.  You will be our guest all night.


Where is the show located? The Untamed Male Revue is located at Dusk inside Caesar’s Atlantic City just footsteps from the entrance of The Pier.


What makes UNTAMED different? Untamed is Not a Strip Show.  Untamed is a Male Revue that focuses on entertainment, costuming, music, props, choreographed routines, hand selected men and class.   We pride ourselves on being sensual and approachable. Come out for the night of your life.


Is there a dress code? For the guys or girls?  The girls have no dress code.  The guys have an undress code.


What kind of music do you play? Each routine has its own theme song.  Our world class DJ will spin your favorites through-out the entire evening. WARNING:  THE MUSIC OF UNTAMED WILL HAVE YOU DANCING AND SINGING THE ENTIRE NIGHT.  IF YOU ARE WEAK OF HEART OR DON’T LIKE TO HAVE FUN – YOU WERE WARNED.


Can we use our phones and cameras? Pictures and videos of the performance are prohibited.  However you can take pictures infront of our step and repeat on the red carpet just outside the entrance.


Is the venue handicap accessible?  Yes


What’s VIP bottle service?   Bottle service is when you and your friends get a premium booth, with a Private server and you get a bottle at your table.  Please call, text or email to… so we can set you up with a package that works for you and your group.


How much are drinks? Drinks start at $10.   Beer and wine start at $6


Would my “mom” be comfortable going to the show?  Does your mom like hot guys that can dance and entertain her in a classy way?  If she does, and I certainly hope she does, then she will fit right in.


Can I go on stage?  All of our routines feature audience participation, please call, for details and pricing.


Can guys come to the show? Everyone is welcome.


Can I get a private dance?  Sorry girls.  Hands off the merchandise.


How much do the guys take off?  I think you mean how much do they leave on… The Men of Untamed will always remain tasteful and will always leave something to your imagination.  But believe me, you will get enough to leave you happy and satisfied and always wanting to come back for more.


Can customers dance while the show is going on? Does a bear take a shower in the woods?  Of course you can.  You won’t be able to help yourselves.  And if you don’t we might ask you to leave.  Just kidding.


Is there grinding or dry humping? ABSOLUTLY NOT.


Can I date the guys after the show? That’s none of my business.


Can I tip the dancers?  Of course you can.


Can I take pictures with the dancers? Yes, before and after the show.