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The Newest and Hottest
Male Revue in Atlantic City.

Come Spend Your Bachelorette Party in the
"Hot Seat" with the Men of "Untamed" Male
Revue at Dusk Nightclub - Caesars Atlantic City!

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$25 on Fridays
$40 on Saturdays.
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Free Admission to our
VIP After Party
at Dusk Nightclub
- Caesars Atlantic City!
Untamed Male Revue
Fridays & Saturdays
9:00 p.m to 10:30 p.m
Doors Open at 8:00 p.m
The Hottest Male Review in Atlantic City

Sizzling hot six-pack abs, magic moves and the most elaborate choreography to entertain and delight the senses that will bring your inner goddess out, Untamed the hottest male review in Atlantic City is here to stay! Enjoy an erotic evening at the hands of professional dancers, combining extravagance and class for a unique experience every time you come down. The men of Untamed are unabashedly hot but you are in for a classy, upscale event that you can enjoy with your friends. Whether you’re celebrating the bride-to-be, a promotion, the latest birthday or blowing off some steam, the men of Untamed know how to deliver and leave you and your group satisfied.

Spend a night of wild yet sophisticated fun with your girls and crew in the best spot in Atlantic City: an 11M $ complex, Dusk Nightclub at Caesars Atlantic City, is a top rated venue with dancing platforms, vanity tables and photo-op ready decor to make your night really memorable. While photos and videos of the performances are strictly prohibited -we like to keep our secrets- you’ll have the opportunity to feel like a movie star at our picture-perfect step and repeat and red carpet area. With tickets starting at just $25 on Fridays and $40 on Saturdays, everyone can have a good time and be guaranteed a seat and some well-deserved attention at our shows.

Plan your party ahead and take advantage of our pre-purchase option online, not only reserving your entrance but also avoiding a sold-out show or an unwanted uptick in the price at the entrance. You can always buy your tickets at the door if you’re into something spontaneous, but we strongly recommend buying online - it’s a special night out, just sit back, relax and leave the surprises to the majestic men in our shows.

This is not your mama’s strip show, in fact, this is not a strip show at all! It’s a highly sensual male review designed to cater to your senses and desires, with props, erotic dancing, music and costumes that make our hand-picked men and their attributes stand out for your enjoyment! The men of Untamed Male Revue will give you a night to remember, while you sit or dance around comfortably and safely at Dusk.

All our shows and performances have select music, but you’ll be singing and dancing throughout the show - we guarantee a night of fun! Handicapped accessible, sassy-mom friendly and open to all public, anyone can savor in the night with the men of Untamed. Come and be our guest, Free drinks for a limited time! Plus Free admission to our VIP After Party at Dusk Nightclub. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today!

VIP Packages
5 person
VIP booth 5 tickets
1 bottle of champagne
8 person
VIP booth 8 tickets
1 bottle of your choice
from the menu
12 person
12 person VIP booth
12 tickets 1 bottle of your
choice and 1 champagne
15 person
15 person VIP booth
15 tickets
2 bottles of your choice
and 1 champagne
20 person
20 person VIP booth
20 tickets
2 bottles of your choice
and 2 champagne
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